WE ROAR Magazine™ (WRM)

WRM is Lady Rebel Club's global business & lifestyle publication.

It's designed here to elevate and empower women and other marginalised gender entrepreneurs, small business owners, creators, and leaders who are neurodivergent or disabled/PwD + our allies.

We have one giant intention with WRM...

to saturate the world with our community's genuine stories, missions and content.

To help us achieve this, you'll now WE ROAR Magazine across multiple platform types including: digital magazine (with full accessibility features on desktop), print publication, a web platform plus other online touchpoints.

Some of the people and organisations featured the newest issue include: Debra Ruh and Billion Strong, Amy Polly, Charlie Hart, Pasan Gooneratne and The Changemakers' Alliance, Amy Bates, Donna Noble, Charlotte Howard Collins, Isaac Harvey, Kassandra Ayala-Najera, Mind Over Matter, Dr. Roberta J. Wilburn and more!

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you can read the first two issues now

issue 01 featuring: Krystle McGilvery, Amy Polly, Funmi Lawless, Amy Bates, Donna Noble, Charlotte Howard Collins, Ms. Underduck, Frances Helena, Mind Over Matter, Kersha Andrews and more!

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issue 02 featuring: Caragh McMurtry, Eva Kalvig, Lee Chambers, Puneet Sing Singhal, The Beauty Rebellion, Beautifully Diverse Fashion, Jennifer Cairns, Our Local Online and more!

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