why we exist

We are an organisation founded on two beliefs:

- we are not less valuable because we're a woman or other marginalised gender, neurodivergent or disabled/PwD

  • - we deserve the same opportunities

We strive for a world where diversity isn't a box-ticking exercise but an actual living, breathing part of business, creative and social landscapes. And that our community of women and other marginalised gender entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives and leaders know they ROCK.

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the opportunities we're creating for our community

have more money

We know you and all businesses, creators and leaders need access to money. So we're working to create lots of ways our community can be hired, paid and funded. Some ways we'll do this is via our media, events, our rebel collaborations, using platforms like our Lady Rebel Club® Card, via our Franki's Fund and other ways.

make more impact

You, like most of our community, are impact driven. You want to maybe empower or inspire others or change, improve, or innovate. Having impact also means you need to be seen, heard and given chances to impact those around you. We'll help you with providing media platforms, events, promo opportunities and much more.

how we'll help our community have more money and make more impact

Be Seen, Heard & Celebrated

We're creating media FOR us - BY us. Magazines, books, podcasts, billboards, TV streaming channels... we out to get our community and our allies promoted and shared EVERYWHERE. Our 1-Day Rebellion global hyrbrid event is coming Oct 2024. It'll bring true diversity and inclustion to the entrepreneurial and creative industries, along with a growing calendar local in-person chapter events and hybrid events. Watch out for our Rebel Awards, merchandise and cool tech for good. And because of our innovative rebel collaborations, our media, events, and your content, reaches millions.

Make & Save Money

We are creating lots of ways our community will be able to be hired, paid, funded and even to save money. Whether it's through placement in our media platforms, at our events or local chapters, or through the connections we can help you make; we want our community to have more ways to earn money. Plus there are many ways we'll be hiring and collaborating with our community to delivery projects. We'll help you save money via our incentive card and we'll be working with our partners to bring you global awards, grants, scholarships and other funding opportunties.

Connection & Collaboration

Our entire model is built on the win-win-win ethos, so we know that building relationships is crucial. Growing genuine win-win Rebel Collaborations can also be key. Between our global hybrid events, media opportunities, innovative tech spaces, virtual Rebel Chats and local Chapters - you'll never be far from another Lady Rebel that you can reach out and connect with. Plus we have a growing network of partners and supporters across corporate, government agencies and cities worldwide that we can connect you with and tap into to help us support key projects from within our community.

Empowered & Inspired

Although our lives and challenges are not here for the "inspiration of the day" posts, many of us do want to genuinely inspire or empower others. We want others to know they're not alone, that they can achieve their dreams, that they're worthy and valuable and are not defined by others. Just as you will be able to empower others with the lessons you've learnt and knowledge you've gained if YOU want to - you'll also be inspired and empowered by others, too.

the foundational seven

Our values and why they matter to us

Generosity - We believe in being generous with our community, collaborators and partners.

Diversity - We believe the more diverse an organisation is the better, stronger, and more sustainable it will be. We also believe that being different doesn't mean being less than.

Courage - We need to have courage to undertake the work that is needed, to do the hard things, to be willing to grow and learn and to create the change we hope to see.

Being Real - We are our authentic selves and know that we don't need to be perfect or fake to be successful.

Rebel Collaboration - We believe that growing genuine Rebel Collaborations that are win-win-win are key. We always approach these ensuring all parties win, most importantly our community.

Adaptability - We believe in being agile, open to new ideas and to change. Being adaptive is also key to problem solving and being able to react quickly when problems arise.

Curiosity - We believe that by being curious, we can continually learn, improve, better understand and innovate better solutions for the future.


Learn more about the different Ambassadors collaborating with us to create global change.

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Our Founder

Our Founder, Jennifer Cairns, is a neurodivergent and disabled entrepreneur, mentor, author, creative and passionate changemaker. She's known for being a bit of a rebel and is the driving force behind Lady Rebel Club®. You can learn more about Jennifer here (opens in new window).

We're excited about the incredible Rebel Collaborations we've already built and all those yet to come. We are quickly growing our global network of Impact Partners, Preferred Partners, Ambassadors, Chapter Leaders, Supporters, Community Members and Allies. If you're interested in collaborating with us or supporting our work/community in some way, please email us



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